Welcome to DK Gardens

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For the past 7 years, DK Gardens has increased its market share in Cyprus for the production and importation of plants, with its nursery in Xylodimpou; and now offers the most extensive range of quality local and international flora in all of Cyprus.

From the basic, to the exotic…..from the small to the large. We offer all.

Our experienced team of landscapers and garden designers have always looked to guide the Company with their knowledge, in order to enable our Nursery to provide only the best choice and quality for our entire Flora.

We offer a full range of plants and flowers of our own production and of imported products from several countries around the world. Our variety can satisfy the most demanding customers. Some of our most famous products are:

  • Fruit trees
  • Citrus trees
  • Bloomy pushes and small trees
  • Conifer
  • Palm trees
  • Aromatics
  • Ornamental
  • Tropical
  • Bonsai
  • Indoor plants

Since the accession of Cyprus to the European Union, we have strived to improve and develop cooperation with countries all over the world as look to achieve the highest standards of production in order to successfully access the European Market. We are used to importing plants and flowers from European and Asian countries, including Holland, Italy, China and Israel.

Today, we can meet your every need in both retail and wholesale form. Offering you the widest selection of indoor and outdoor plants; as well as garden fertilizers for professionals and those of you who just have a love for gardening.